Saturday, 19 January 2013

ODM NEB Appeals Board Resolving Nomination Grievances

The National Appeals Board constituted by the ODM National Elections Board is making tremendous progress in the task given to them.

The five member team is presently listening to grievances that were brought before them by a team from Siaya County over the disputed results of the Governor's position and the Gem Parliamentary seat.

The team has requested the board to give it more time since they are dealing with a weighty matter. Therefore, the team has been allowed to work until late in the night.

Official communication will be made by the Board chairman once received from the Appeals team.

Meanwhile more appeals can be filed at Orange House tomorrow.

Hon. Franklin Bett
NEB Chairman

ODM NEB Statement on Compliance With Nomination Law

The National Elections Board of the ODM wishes to inform party members, aspirants, supporters and the general public that it has fully complied with the law in regard to nomination of candidates for the various elective posts.

The Board further states that the ODM completed the nomination exercise yesterday as provided for by law.

Therefore the NEB wishes to state categorically that any purported nomination exercises being held today in some areas were not sanctioned nor managed by the Board.

Hon. Franklin Bett

Statement on Party Nominations by ODM NEB Chairman

The National Elections Board of the ODM wishes to announce to all the aspirants, members, supporters and the general public that the National Appeals Board of the NEB is currently in session to deal with all the appeals and disputes by aspirants.

The Board therefore urges all the aspirants who have registered their grievances to be patient and wait for the verdict of the Appeals Board.

The Board also wishes to inform the public that the Appeals Board is still meeting to deliberate on the issue of Siaya County Gubernatorial contest and and that of Gem Parliamentary seat and so far no report has been given out to that regard.

Therefore, reports doing rounds that the NEB has cleared particular individuals for the two disputes should be treated as rumours until the Board makes a formal announcement.

Thank you.

Hon. Franklin Bett, EGH
NEB Chairman.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

ODM National Election Board : Notice of Repeat Elections



The National Elections Board would like to inform Aspirants from Kisumu County, Migori County and Homa Bay County that there shall be a repeat of Elections in the following areas.


Suba Constituency – All Positions

Homa-Bay Town Constituency – All Positions

Mbita Constituency – All Positions

Rangwe Constituency – All Positions

Kabondo Kaspul Constituency – All Positions



Nyakach – All positions

3 Wards

Muhoroni Constituency – All Positions

Nyando Constituency – All Positions

Kisumu Town West – All Positions

Seme Constituency – All positions

Kisumu West – All Positions

Nyatike Constituency – All Positions

Kuria West – All Positions

Uriri – All positions

Awendo Constituency – All Positions

Rongo Constituency - Senate Only

Kuria East – Senate and Governor

Suna West – Member of Parliament in three Wards – Bondo Nyironge, Nyamulu, Maguto

Suna East Constituency – Repeat all positions in God Jope Ward.

Kibra Constituency - Kenyatta/Woodley All Positions
Take note polling stations will open at ten O’clock and close at Six O’clock. The requirements remain the same.

The Returning Officers and Presiding Officers are instructed to keep safe the Ballot Boxes for use tomorrow.

National Election Board

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Statement by the Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga, Prime Minister, on Hon. Fred Gumo's Retirement from Politics

Fred Gumo could have easily sailed through to win any seat in Nairobi he wanted. Instead, in another expression of his far-sighted commitment to ODM and Kenya, he has chosen to devote his wisdom and energy to ensuring that our coalition wins this election and forms a government that will change people’s lives.

I want to pay great tribute to Hon. Fred Gumo for this selfless decision, and for the dedicated service he has rendered to our country during his long political career. He is leaving politics at the very peak of his career, having accomplished all he wanted to. This is the kind of legacy all Kenyans should seek to leave behind them.

Hon. Gumo was a master politician who was always in touch with the grassroots. That is how he managed to build his career in Nairobi, where he served all Kenyans irrespective of their ethnic background. That is how Fred Gumo will always be remembered.

Kaa Ngumu Fred!

I also want to pay tribute to Franklin Bett, the Minister for Roads, who has taken a break from elective politics to dedicate his energies at the national level to ensure that ODM wins the elections. A sincere and consistent man of great principle who always put the nation first, Bett left the Moi administration and joined the Narc struggle to put in place an accountable and dynamic government which would improve people’s lives. After Narc’s break-up, he knew ODM was where leaders who pushed the nation first belonged.

ODM and I will miss the active day to day engagement of both these ministers. But we have in the two the core of a new group of wise and independent elders who will guide the CORD government to deliver much better lives for Kenyans in every part of the Republic.

Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga
Prime Minister
16 January 2013

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

CORD Plans to Wrap-Up Elections in First Round - Odinga

MOYALE 15th Jan 2013 : Prime Minister Raila Odinga today said the Cord coalition will win the March 4 election overwhelmingly and in the first round.

“In 2002, I told you Mwai Kibaki would win the elections and he did. In 2005, I told you here in Moyale the Orange team would win against Banana and it happened. Even in 2007, we won, but you know what happened. In 2013, CORD will win overwhelmingly and don’t wait for the second round because it will not be there. We are going to win in the first round so wake up early and vote on March 4 because it will be over on that very day,” the PM said.

Odinga said CORD victory in the March 4 elections would mark a new era for northern Kenya, which has been stuck in neglect for half a century. "Fifty years after independence, Moyale is almost exactly what it was in 1963. Northern Kenya needs change and the chance is coming on March 4," the PM said.

Addressing a rally in Moyale town at the start of his two day tour of Marsabit County, the PM said only CORD has the people with the will to implement the constitution. He said his opponents comprise people who spread lies against the constitution and should they win, they will not implement it. The PM said those who opposed the constitution on grounds that it would put Islam above other faiths have taken prominent slots in Jubilee.

PM seated with Party Chairman Mr. Henry Kosgey and local leaders during the rally in Moyale of Marsabit County.

PM promised to build arbaitors and factories to process leather and beef for local and foreign markets. Mr Odinga said that for the first time since independence, northern Kenya is seeing investment in roads saying it was a product of his tenure as minister for roads. He said his government would invest in improving the livestock sector and make it productive and rewarding to herders.

The PM called for tolerance among all communities of the region to ensure security and rapid progress.

Mr.Odinga who also addressed a rally at Marsabit grounds was accompanied by ODM Chairman Henry Kosgey among other party MPs


FORA Dismisses Purported Reinstatement of Micah Kigen as Chairman

Friends of Raila, FORA 2013, wishes to draw your attention to an article appearing in the 'Corridors of Power' Column of yesterdays edition of the Star Newspapers (14th Jan 2013) alleging that a certain Mr. Micah Kigen, erroneously described as a former boss of CBK, has been reinstated as FORA National Chairman. The Star attributed this piece of information to 'their moles' or anonymous sources.

Let it be known to all persons that Micah Kigen ceased to be the FORA National Chairman effective 7th January 2013 and was replaced by Rev. Lawrence Bomett, ODM Governor aspirant for Nakuru County and this position remains permanent, immovable and irrevocable and can not be reversed by any form of Guerilla Journalism attributtable to random, shadowy, underground and undisclosed sources.

Every such ill conceived and futile attempts by Micah Kigen to hang on, linger on or involve FORA in a game of smoke screens or musical chairs while dragging the PMs name in his schemes just serves to diminish any remaining goodwill that he may still have.

Clinging onto office through whatever means possible does not belong to the new Kenya and takes us back to the dark days of Kenyas and Africas history. KANU, Bokasa, Mobutu, Gbagbo etc come to mind. Kenya has moved away from such leaders. We are in a new era of clean and progressive politics.

May I hasten to add that Kigen can contribute towards the Raila Odinga Campaign in many other capacities and I think he should retain his goodwill for such considerations.

FORA does not wish to engage Micah Kigen and his cohorts in a media mud slinging match as we have less than 6 weeks to the election. We would rather focus our energies on getting the Rt. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga elected without noise or wasted energies.

We will however act decisively if we have to.


Monday, 14 January 2013

More Legislators Join ODM

PM also castigated those opposing scientific opinion polls.

ODM Party Leader the Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga has today lashed out at those opposing results of opinion polls saying they are ignorant of the facts on the ground.

Speaking at the ODM Party Headquarters in Nairobi when he officially received into the party two legislators and a Narc-Kenya official, Mr. Odinga told off those going round talking about numbers saying "numbers don't vote, but people do".

He urged Kenyans to elect leaders who have the interests of the nation at heart and not just mere power hungry leaders. "I have been a Member of Parliament in Nairobi for the past twenty years and never have I contested in Nyanza which is my rural home" he added.

He said Kenya needed leaders who were development conscience and those who will work towards improving the economy of the country to better the lives of the people of Kenya.

The Prime Minister said he was sure of CORD's landslide victory in the March 4th general election. "We
shall win with a landslide and form the next government" he said.

ODM National Chairman Mr. Henry Kosgey said ODM is a people's party adding that the CORD team will win the elections. "I welcome everyone to join the ODM and CORD, this is the winning team" said Mr. Kosgey.

He urged those who are yet to join the ODM to do so before the nominations day. "One has always to decide where to belong, but in matters politics, one must always be on the right side of history" said Mr. Kosgey.

During the occasion, the Prime Minister received into the ODM, Laisamis MP Mr. Joseph Lekuton who ditched the URP for ODM. Also officially joining ODM was the Kitutu Chache MP and Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Richard Onyonka who ditched the PDP party.

Also joining the party was Mr. Francis Kagwima, the former MP for Tharaka who will vie for the Tharaka Nithi County Senator's seat.

Mr. Kepha Sagana who is the Narc-Kenya Secretary General was also received in the party by the Prime Minister.