Tuesday, 15 January 2013

FORA Dismisses Purported Reinstatement of Micah Kigen as Chairman

Friends of Raila, FORA 2013, wishes to draw your attention to an article appearing in the 'Corridors of Power' Column of yesterdays edition of the Star Newspapers (14th Jan 2013) alleging that a certain Mr. Micah Kigen, erroneously described as a former boss of CBK, has been reinstated as FORA National Chairman. The Star attributed this piece of information to 'their moles' or anonymous sources.

Let it be known to all persons that Micah Kigen ceased to be the FORA National Chairman effective 7th January 2013 and was replaced by Rev. Lawrence Bomett, ODM Governor aspirant for Nakuru County and this position remains permanent, immovable and irrevocable and can not be reversed by any form of Guerilla Journalism attributtable to random, shadowy, underground and undisclosed sources.

Every such ill conceived and futile attempts by Micah Kigen to hang on, linger on or involve FORA in a game of smoke screens or musical chairs while dragging the PMs name in his schemes just serves to diminish any remaining goodwill that he may still have.

Clinging onto office through whatever means possible does not belong to the new Kenya and takes us back to the dark days of Kenyas and Africas history. KANU, Bokasa, Mobutu, Gbagbo etc come to mind. Kenya has moved away from such leaders. We are in a new era of clean and progressive politics.

May I hasten to add that Kigen can contribute towards the Raila Odinga Campaign in many other capacities and I think he should retain his goodwill for such considerations.

FORA does not wish to engage Micah Kigen and his cohorts in a media mud slinging match as we have less than 6 weeks to the election. We would rather focus our energies on getting the Rt. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga elected without noise or wasted energies.

We will however act decisively if we have to.


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