Tuesday, 15 January 2013

CORD Plans to Wrap-Up Elections in First Round - Odinga

MOYALE 15th Jan 2013 : Prime Minister Raila Odinga today said the Cord coalition will win the March 4 election overwhelmingly and in the first round.

“In 2002, I told you Mwai Kibaki would win the elections and he did. In 2005, I told you here in Moyale the Orange team would win against Banana and it happened. Even in 2007, we won, but you know what happened. In 2013, CORD will win overwhelmingly and don’t wait for the second round because it will not be there. We are going to win in the first round so wake up early and vote on March 4 because it will be over on that very day,” the PM said.

Odinga said CORD victory in the March 4 elections would mark a new era for northern Kenya, which has been stuck in neglect for half a century. "Fifty years after independence, Moyale is almost exactly what it was in 1963. Northern Kenya needs change and the chance is coming on March 4," the PM said.

Addressing a rally in Moyale town at the start of his two day tour of Marsabit County, the PM said only CORD has the people with the will to implement the constitution. He said his opponents comprise people who spread lies against the constitution and should they win, they will not implement it. The PM said those who opposed the constitution on grounds that it would put Islam above other faiths have taken prominent slots in Jubilee.

PM seated with Party Chairman Mr. Henry Kosgey and local leaders during the rally in Moyale of Marsabit County.

PM promised to build arbaitors and factories to process leather and beef for local and foreign markets. Mr Odinga said that for the first time since independence, northern Kenya is seeing investment in roads saying it was a product of his tenure as minister for roads. He said his government would invest in improving the livestock sector and make it productive and rewarding to herders.

The PM called for tolerance among all communities of the region to ensure security and rapid progress.

Mr.Odinga who also addressed a rally at Marsabit grounds was accompanied by ODM Chairman Henry Kosgey among other party MPs


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