Thursday, 20 February 2014

Statement of the ODM National Governing Council Meeting of 20th February 2014

The National Governing Council (NGC) meeting today 20th Feb 2014, at Orange House, Kilimani held fruitful deliberations on the upcoming National Delegates Convention and agreed as follows:

  • Accept the proposed amendments to the party constitution as proposed by the Legal Committee as presented today with specific reference to the National party officials with the exception of Regional representatives. 
  •  The elections for the new positions will be handled by the National Governing Council with the mandate of the National Delegates Convention taking into account gender, regional and diversity issues in line with the national Constitution, the Political Parties Act and the party constitution.
  • In the meantime National Executive Committee will continue to look at other issues and proposed amendments raised by the National Governing Council (NGC) with regards to other amendments to the constitution aimed at strengthening the party.
  • Likewise the National Governing Council re affirms counties as branches, constituencies as sub branches, wards as units and villages as sub units.


Sen. Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o
Secretary General