Saturday, 13 October 2012

Raila Odinga: Creation of Employment Remains Our Focus

By Raila Odinga
When I launched my bid for presidency five years ago, I made a solemn commitment to the people of Kenya to tackle the problems that continue to keep the country in a state of backwardness and under-performance. I particularly singled out the rehabilitation and improvement of infrastructure as being fundamental. 
Today, many roads have been rehabilitated and many new ones constructed. The railway system, which had virtually collapsed, is slowly but steadily regaining its place as a major mode of transport. Air and marine transport have also received due attention. So, our country is once again moving its people and goods. We can and will do more. We have also witnessed unprecedented investment in energy resources, with special attention given to renewable energy. Water and irrigation infrastructure has equally received keen attention. Continued investment in infrastructure still remains my top priority.

However, as we continue to focus attention on the foregoing, we cannot ignore one single challenge that confronts the people of Kenya today – creating jobs for our people, especially the youth. The need for creating more employment opportunities is informed by an open unemployment rate of 15%. Many of our graduates from the universities, tertiary institutions, vocational training centres and secondary schools find themselves roaming the streets of major urban centres in search of non-existent jobs.

The last census results indicate an increase in the dependent population at 42% (of which the largest proportion are full-time students) compared to 33.9% in 1999. This places an inordinate burden on the economy. With an increasing dependency ratio, an expanding labour force, coupled with low employment levels, unemployment is a major problem. To tackle the problem of unemployment, I will introduce the following, among other measures:
  • Roll out a ten-year investment promotion programme and give incentives to domestic and foreign investors based on four key criteria: the number of jobs created, foreign exchange earned/saved, local inputs used and technology transferred.
  • Reform and restructure the Kenya Industrial Estates (KIE) into a Kenya Industrial and Enterprise Development Agency (KIEDA). The agency will establish full-fledged Business Incubation Centers in each county, which will act as business incubation hubs for promising investments.  
  • Work with county governments to establish at least one major industry in each county. 
  • Facilitate the establishment of modern, green industries that meet domestic consumption and export needs; 
  • Encourage and give incentives to banks and other financial institutions to finance industrialization. 
  • Focus education and training systems to be more responsive to the needs of the national and global economies, including the needs of a well skilled workforce.  
  • Establish and fund centers of excellence in technology innovation in all counties. 
  • Increase the level of investment in research and development from the current level of 0.3 to 2.5% of the GDP; and 
  • Put in place a progressive tax policy to encourage savings and investments.

This is Kenya’s moment to courageously confront the challenges and reclaim the dream of our founding fathers of conquering poverty, disease and ignorance. My principal promise to all Kenyans in the next five years is to develop and implement effective policies for expanding decent employment opportunities in Kenya in all sectors.
I believe together we will.

Thursday, 11 October 2012


Press Statement by Friends of Raila Lobby Group – FORA (Mt. Kenya Chapter) and Mwanzo Mpya Lobby Group

Our attention has recently been drawn to a dangerous trend of balkanisation of the country into tribal and regional chiefdoms disguised as Political Party Defections and Political Mobilisation.

It has not escaped our attention that the recent carefully choreographed so called defections from other parties to the TNA Party have one commonality;

The Politicians are largely drawn from the Mount Kenya and surrounding regions and appears to be part of a wider plot to revive GEMA and perpetuate the politics of regional exclusion, domination and exploitation that characterised the dark days of post independence Kenya. During the days of the GEMA Hegemony, the ruling elite, complete with their courtiers and state machinery that allocated resources and drafted policy were similarly drawn from one region and were arguably responsible for the skewed public service appointments favouring one region and the disparity in development that many regions in Kenya experience today.

Looking back to the genesis of the formation of the TNA Party, the following public events clearly catalogue the conception, midwifery, birth and ownership of the TNA Party;

In 1971, The Gikuyu, Embu, and Meru Association (GEMA), was formed to advance the social and political needs of the peoples descended from the mythological figure Mumbi.

During its existence in the 1970s GEMA was widely associated with a move to change the constitution to stop President Moi from ascending to the Presidency by succeeding President Kenyatta. The GEMA Leaders supposedly wanted the leadership of Kenya to remain within the GEMA community to the exclusion of other regions.

1n 1980 GEMA was formally banned together with other tribal groupings in a bid to foster National Unity and Cohesion.

Thirty two years later, on 23rd March 2012, the GEMA leadership met, yet again, under the chairmanship of Bishop Dr. Lawi Imathiu at the Jumuiya Conference Centre, Limuru to chart the way forward for the GEMA Community and their mode of conducting business hadn’t changed at all. Yet again, like in the 1970s when GEMA leaders sought to stop Moi from ascending to the Presidency, this time round their declared objective was to stop Raila Odinga from ascending to the Presidency even if it meant changing the law. This kind of intolerance is a clear and present danger to TNAs current or potential partners.

The GEMA meeting of 23rd March culminated into the GEMA Declaration of 23rd March 2012 which mandated Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta to offer the GEMA Community political leadership by forming a GEMA Community based political party through which they would seek the Presidency. He was mandated to report back to the GEMA leadership within 30 Days.

TNA was subsequently launched on 20th May 2012 within the GEMA mandated 30 days. Subsequent to its formation all energies of the party have been aggressively geared towards intimidating all regional based political parties to wind themselves up with total disregard of their ideologies. The only criteria being legitimised is belonging to the GEMA communities. Something has got to be wrong with this approach.

Whereas the Communities that have been drafted into the GEMA Tribal grouping comprises ordinary hardworking and patriotic Kenyans who yearn for a unified brotherhood of all Kenyans rather than an ethnicised exclusive tribal club, the so called GEMA leaders have continued to misuse their communities for selfish political and financial gain.

We are also aware that the same forces behind the revival of GEMA to the detriment of other regions are the same forces that have taken every opportunity to sabotage the implementation of the new constitution exemplified in the creation of county commissioners to undermine elected governors, the dilution of the spirit and principle of devolution, attempts at reduction of funding to county governments and watering down of constitutional provisions on integrity and leadership.

This same cabal are intent on sabotaging the ongoing judicial reforms that have increasingly given rise to an independent judiciary that is closed to manipulation and external influence. They wish to craft a judiciary that is blind to corruption and impunity, complicit in protecting ill gotten wealth, oblivious to Chapter 6 of the Constitution on leadership and integrity and an abetter in bastardising the Political Parties Act. They wish to put justice up for sale and create a commercialised parliament where MPs can be bought to sanitise and give a clean bill of health to looters of public coffers.

We are alarmed that all this is happening at a time when regional militias and terror groups have coincidentally mushroomed and boomeranged in ODM Strongholds and are operating with increasing boldness, impunity and high visibility with the audacity to even launch a machete attack on an ODM aligned Minister in broad daylight. 

This tribal and regional mobilisation disguised as Political Defections work to divide rather than unite Kenyans. Occasional ‘Defectors’ from other regions are occasionally drafted into the matrix to give the rainbow effect but the DNA of the TNA is of a purely GEMA parentage. 

We wish to take this early opportunity to warn Kenyans that there is strength in our diversity and our tribe is Kenya. Political mobilisation on the basis of tribal or regional loyalties does not bode well for our beloved country Kenya and must be condemned by all Kenyans who yearn for a peaceful, united Kenya with equal opportunity for all persons. 

A peaceful, prosperous and united Kenya that respects diversity, equality of opportunity for all and respect for national institutions and the rule of law is what Kenyans have come to expect. This is only possible through the full implementation of the new constitution that guarantees inclusiveness, equity and equal opportunities for all. This is what an ODM Government under the leadership of the Rt. Hon Raila Amolo Odinga will deliver to Kenyans.

Thank You.




Mwanzo Mpya Lobby Group

UPDATED: Changes at Raila Odinga Presidential Campaign Secretariat

UPDATE: From Raila Odinga Secretariat
Based on deliberations with the candidate subsequent to this morning's meeting,I confirm that our colleague Mr. Barack Muluka will remain part of our Presidential Campaign but will serve in a different capacity.

Barrack has now relinquished the position of National Director for Communications at the Secretariat, on a pre negotiated understanding with the Secretariat at the time of his engagement in February 2012.

Barrack has for sometime planned to undertake doctorate studies in politics and international relations. Accordingly, he is set to embark on this programme with the University of Leicester. We have accepted to allow him to pursue this scholarly mission, as well as other professional interests, elsewhere, beginning next week.

Barrack however remains a life member of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party. The Secretariat will also retain him as a Special Consultant and Principal Adviser to the Secretariat on Public Communications and Media Relations.

We meanwhile wish him well on this fresh mission.



TEL: 020 2712496/97/98
CELL: 0711 649 066/0733 766 204

Our Earlier Report:  Salim Lone Touted To Replace Barack Muluka at Raila Odinga Presidential Campaign Secretariat

Sources at Office of the Prime Minister have revealed that veteran publisher and media columnists Barrack Muluka, who was appointed National Communication Director of the Raila Odinga Presidential Campaign Secretariat only seven months ago, has resigned his post.

In a statement send to newsrooms Muluka said :“It has been a privilege to support the Prime Minister in his presidential campaign effort and I wish him well in what is left of the journey,” Muluka said in a statement sent to pressrooms. 

There have been unconfirmed reports that Muluka will be replaced by another veteran - Salim Lone - who will henceforth double as the Raila Odinga Spokesman and Media Director.

The Secretariat has been actively promoting Raila's presidential bid since Muluka took over. He was quoted as telling media friends that he elected to move and pursue other professional and scholarly interests.

We wish Muluka well in his future endeavours and welcome Mr. Lone with open arms.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Raila Odinga's weekend programme has been published.



PM to hold a Leaders’ meeting at St Joseph Mission Hospital at 9:30 am and later address a baraza at Kilgoris Market.
He will travel to Lolgorian for a baraza at Lolgorian Market in the afternoon.

SATURDAY, October 13, 201:


At 8:30 am, he will hold a meeting with Narok County women and later tour Narok District Hospital.

PM will also hold a leaders’ meeting at Narok University before addressing a public rally at Narok Stadium.


A rally in Dandora, Nairobi.

Monday, 8 October 2012

PM Raila Odinga to Attend ODM Aspirants Meeting

Nairobi, Monday, October 8, 2012
Prime Minister Raila Odinga will on Wednesday (10th October 2012) meet ODM aspirants for the seats of Governor, Senate, Member of Parliament and Women Representative from all over the country.

The meeting, which has been convened by the National Elections Board (NEB) of the Party, is expected to give a chance to the aspirants of the above mentioned positions to interact with the new elections board and also seek to allay fears of unfairness during the party primaries scheduled for the 4th, 5th and 6th of December this year.

The Party Leader will also use the occasion to assure the aspirants that the nomination exercise will be free, fair and transparent and that there will be no sacred cows during and after the exercise.

NEB Chairman, (Rtd) Dr. Henry Kathurima, said they expect over 2,000 aspirants from all the corners of the country who have expressed their interest in vying for the seats of Governor, Senator, Member of Parliament and Women Representative in their respective regions and Counties.

The Board is in the process of organizing meetings for aspirants for the seat of County Representative at County headquarters. Dr. Kathurima said they could not invite County Representative aspirants because they are many and that they will be meeting them during the Board’s County tours.

The meeting at Bomas of Kenya is scheduled to start at 9.00 am.