Friday, 7 March 2014

Composition and Terms of Reference for the ODM Transitional Committee

The National Governing Council (NGC) of the Orange Democratic Movement held on Monday, 3rd of March, 2014, resolved to set up an interim transitional committee to manage the affairs of the party.
Pursuant to that resolution, and after consultations, it has been agreed that members shall include:
1. Hon Ali Hassan Joho / Hon Thomas Mwadeghu (alternate
2. Hon Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya / Hon Paul Otuoma (alternate)
3. Sen Otieno Kajwang
4. Hon Josephat Nanok
5. Hon Ababu Namwamba
6. Hon Agnes Zani
7. Hon Abdikadir Aden
8. Hon Timothy Bosire
9. Hon Adan Keynan
10. Hon Rosa Buyu
It has been agreed that H.E Hon Hassan Joho and H.E Hon Wycliffe Oparanya will jointly chair the committee while Hon Ababu Namwamba and Hon Dr Agnes Zani will be joint secretaries. The team shall be reporting to the Party Leader.
The Terms of Reference of this group is clearly spelt out below.

We have set up the team to investigate the disturbances that led to the disruption of the ODM elections in Kasarani on 28th February 2014. They include:
Mr Jotham Nyukuri - Chairperson
Hon Harold Kipchumba;
Mr Isaiah Mandala
Mr Jotham Arwa
Mr Mtalaki Mwashimba

1. Confirm membership of the Transitional Interim Executive Committee (TIEC)

2. Establish the mandate and enumerate the functions of the TIEC and the structures for the implementation of the said mandate and functions. The tenure of TIEC.

3. Establish the framework and mechanisms for enabling the TIEC to run the Party.

4. Receive and consider the report of the task force established to inquire into and to make recommendations on the circumstances surrounding and leading to the stalemate experienced during the National Delegates Convention held on the 28th February 2014.

5. Arising from the Report of the Task Force recommend appropriate measures for adoption and implementation which are and not limited to the following.

a) When do the campaigns begin and end and is it legitimate to campaign on the floor of the convention when the election exercise begins.
b) Preparation, confirmation and certification of registers.
c) Form of ballot papers
d) Systems, procedures and methods for voting and counting of votes and the final announcement of the results.
e) Security at the Convention during the voting exercise. Should it be outsourced?

6. The date and venue of the NDC for purposes of conducting fresh elections for the national office bearers and consideration of the following matters.
a) Debts and obligations arising from the NDC held on the 28th February 2014
b) Budget for the next elections and how to raise needed funds.
c) Preparatory work and planning to enable NEC, once in place, to organize for the next elections.

7. Membership recruitment and the expansion of the numerical strength of party supporters. Mobilization countrywide. To be discussed as a task to be undertaken by NEC.

8. Party activities and programmes for ODM as the main opposition party in the country developing policies and drawing strategic plans during the tenure of the TIEC.

9. The status and strengthening of CORD with an eye on 2017

10. The status of ODM and CORD in Parliament, county assemblies and the performance of CORD Governors in running county governments.



  1. i don't like this set up.

  2. People should not get positions thru the back door, we tired of coalitions, we need a credible election ASAP

  3. people should accept that democracy doesn't mean you are the best.I totally oppose this arrangement and that of Maura of negotiated democracy