Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Press Statement by the ODM National Election Board on Forthcoming Party Elections


The Orange Democratic Movement – ODM National Elections Board wishes to announce to the participating candidates in the upcoming elections on 28th February 2014 – March 1st 2014 as follows:

We wish to confirm to the various applicants, delegates and the ODM fraternity that the elections shall proceed as scheduled on the 28 February – March 1st 2014.

We assure all stakeholders that there are no preferred candidates and the only candidates we have are in the list released today by this Election Board.

A final list shall be released upon confirmation that’s the candidates have complied with the terms and conditions as set out in our election and nomination rules.

So far 93 application forms were picked, 89 were returned by the deadline of 31st January 2014 and only four were not returned. The 93 applications were received from all regions of this country.

The complete delegates register shall be released to the delegates in due course.

As a board we wish to reaffirm that we are professional, impartial and dedicated to ensure that we have a free and fair election.

The board is also satisfied by the preparations so far done by the National Secretariat of the party and the NDC planning committee.

Chairperson, ODM National Elections Board

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