Monday, 2 September 2013

Rt Hon Raila Odinga Visits Baringo Flood Victims, Mourns Journalists Sir David Frost

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga will this morning head to Baringo County where floods have forced people to flee their homes in what is believed to be increased water levels at Lake Baringo. The Prime Minister will be accompanied by other CORD leaders as well as local leaders from Baringo County.

Odinga, who has been in North Rift since yesterday at the invitation of Cherengany Mp Wesley Korir and Radio Journalist Joshua Arap is expected to continue with his tour of the Rift Valley.

The CORD leader has stepped up his criticism of the Jubilee government and President Kenyatta who recently issued over 60,00 title deeds at the Coast in stark contravention of the law. All land matters were to be dealt with by the National Land Commission, the only statutory body mandated to adjudicate land matters, bearing in mind the historical injustices associated with land ownership.

Elsewhere the PM paid glowing tribute journalist Sir David Frost who passed away yesterday saying the news left him ‘drained and overwhelmed’. This is very easy to understand because in Odinga’s illustrious political career which outstretches continental Africa and overflows into the Pacific, he has inculcated a global image unrivalled by any of his contemporaries in Africa, thus Sir Frost, a leading world journalist with a soft spot for Africa became a natural friend.

“ In my career in public life, and in my five years as Prime Minister of the the Republic of Kenya, I never met a journalist with such an incisive mind, more understanding and more empathetic to the tribulations of the Third World as did Sir David,” said Odinga who received the news of Journalist Frost’s sudden death while on a tour of the Rift Valley.

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