Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Resolutions of the Orange Democratic Movement National Executive Committee Meeting of 20th August 2013



The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), meeting here at Orange House on this 20th day of August 2013, aware of the key role the ODM has played in the process of constitutional reforms and the introduction of the devolved system of government.

Noting that so far resources budgeted for the County governments fall far short of the needs of counties to implement their projects and programs for development to meet the needs of the people;

Realizing the frustration of the devolution process by the Jubilee government reinventing the provincial administration under new names and titles;

This NEC resolves as follows;

1. To support a national referendum to establish the percentage of the national budget allocated to counties at no less than 40% and to strengthen the role of the Senate to be an effective House representing the counties.

2. To condemn the tribalization of the public service by the Jubilee government through the summary dismissal of Chief Executives of parastatals and replacing them by individuals whose only qualification is their ethnic background and loyalty to Jubilee leadership. ODM calls for INCLUSIVENESS in public appointments while observing proper procedures as laid down in the constitution and the law.

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