Friday, 21 December 2012

FORA: Former Pentagon Members Grossly Short-changed in Jubilee Coalition

Jubliee Coalition Mandarins are shouting themselves horse and claiming bragging rights over the defection of former Pentagon Members who have joined their Coalition.

A closer scrutiny of what’s on offer to the former Pentagon Members has got fraud written all over it. The former members of the Pentagon together with their followers have been exposed to a classic case of 'Crocodile Liberation'.

They have been lured from dry land with the promise of being tossed into fresh waters, only to find themselves in murky predator infested waters where the alpha male crocodile, Uhuru Kenyatta is at the top of the food chain. At least in ODM the Rt. Hon Raila Odinga led as a first among equals and offered a clear succession and progression plan.

TNA is KANU rebranded and as President Moi once eloquently said, ‘Iko Na Wenyewe’. The former Pentagon Members have been duped into becoming tenants in the Uhuru Household and been reduced to hirelings, supporting casts and cheer ladies. They have joined as juniors to TNA’s Uhuru Kenyatta and his bullying lieutenants who have already declared that it’s either Uhuru Kenyatta for President or Nothing at all. Interesting this is only being disclosed after the expiration of the statutory date for coalition agreements.

Those shouting about the Pentagon Exodus into Jubilee have not factored in the fact that their continued bullying and defrauding of the former Pentagon members has quickly alienated their supporters and infuriated them to troop back to ODM as has been indicated by a recent Opinion Poll by IPSOS Synovate which listed William Rutos Popularity Rating in the Rift Valley as having dropped from 18% in September to 5% in December while Musalia Mudavadi has dropped from 26% in Western in September to 12% in December.

The reasons are clear. For instance TNA has duped the Eldoret North MP, Hon. William Ruto into dropping out of the Presidential race to become Uhurus running mate immaterial of what Rutos Political Constituency in the Rift Valley thinks. Ruto has swallowed the TNA bait hook, rod and sinker and is now willing to accept anybody brokered by TNA as his Presidential candidate. Ruto is not even interested in nominations he has adopted an ‘anybody will do’ attitude.

In the case of Hon. Musalia Mudavadi, he was originally promised that if he joined up, he would be the automatic compromise candidate for presidency only for TNA to denounce him as a junior partner (read UDF) to Uhuru’s TNA and they are gradually preparing him to settle further down in the position of majority leader under Uhuru.

Charity Ngilu is also falling into the same Uhuru trap. She was originally welcomed into the Jubilee Alliance and promised that she would be the compromise candidate. She soon realised that this was not to be and she rapidly defected to the CORD Alliance. Now she has been lured back and promised that she will participate in a sham Presidential nomination process whose outcome has already been predetermined.

Hon. Joe Nyaga on the other hand has so diminished in stature from a Pentagon Member and Cabinet Minister to a TNA Activist with no clear role in the Jubilee Coalition. In ODM he didn’t even need to win a constituency election but was nominated to parliament and even elevated to cabinet.

The supporters of these former Pentagon members are not fooled. They are in shock that their leaders have been lured and mishandled and now are pawns on a jubilee chessboard to be discarded, moved and used to checkmate the CORD Coalition when it is expedient to so do or alternatively engaged in a circus as stooges and clowns.

FORA - Friends of Raila Lobby Group

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