Friday, 2 November 2012

Elections 2013: How the Six ‘Presidential’ Projects Have Come to Pass

Just about over three months ago, it was perfectly predicted by Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo. He opted out of URP when he saw where the train was headed. Hon Ruto even called him on live radio talk show to plead with Jirongo not to wash URP dirty-linen in public.

Jirongo did not mince words. Six political parties have been formed and presidential candidates planted at these parties so as to ensure the success of another mega project by power brokers. The six parties were termed by Jirongo as projects. Jirongo asserted that despite State House denials, three things can not be hidden: The Sun, The Moon and The Truth!! Jirongo further revealed that the weapon of mass destruction currently being deployed in the political scheme is the massive funding of satellite presidential candidates to the tune of billions of shillings.

Among these projects, Jirongo told us, was Raphael Tuju who was financed and propped up as an alternative (sic) presidential candidate but this did not sell much. Next came, Musalia Mudavadi’s dramatic defection from ODM over very flimsy reasons that even he himself is not presently observing in UDF. How short can our memories be?

Eugene Wamalwa, whilst on a tour of Rachuonyo in Homabay County, also affirmed his support for ethnic balkanisation of Kenyans through the G8. He now appears to be firmly rooted in the corner of the same forces he once told us to be wary of. Wamalwa is currently investing heavily in real estate and farmlands around Kitale, Bungoma and the environs.

William Ruto’s much hyped presidential bid has come down as fast as it first went up. The masses in RV are still not convinced about being led back to TNA –w hich incidentally is actually PNU re-named. Is PNU a party of reforms, the much needed reforms that RV peasants have been crying out for 50 years? Not it is not.

Next came Francis Atwoli. The affable trade unionist was roped into the scheme to get Jirongo to back UDF’s Musalia Mudavadi having successfully been lured away from ODM. That has also been read perfectly well by FORD-K’s Wetangula.

To his credit, Jirongo went further to dare any of the so called "projects" to demand that he tables evidence of his claims that they are projects who want to balkanise the country so as to benefit a favoured candidate to assume the presidency and by extension perpetuate  status quo and resistance to reforms. That was three months ago and to date no one has seen it necessary to confront Jirongo nor seek legal redress.
Some of them, like Ruto, opted to go personal and question Jirongo’s character rather than answer his allegations.

Presently, we are told that it is a matter of time before URP is swallowed by TNA. Ngilu’s NARC and Wamalwa’s NARC have reportedly already to join up to join TNA and it a matter of time before they put pen to paper. In so far as political party campaign is considered, Eugene Wamalwa’s New-FORD-K is as dead as dodo.

On the basis of what is being reported by media on political alliance building, what further proof does anyone need to confirm that Jirongo’s assertions of the six projects is true? Are Kenyans not being played as Jirongo once warned us? Is this not shaping up to be a two horse race between reformist and anti-reformist? Indeed it is.

Kenyans ……….Cast your ballot wisely. This is Kenya’s Moment!

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