Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The New ODM Elections Board Issues Notice to Party Aspirants


The newly constituted ODM National Elections Board wishes to inform the general public, the ODM members and the prospective ODM aspirants for all the positions during the forthcoming General Elections as follows:

  • The Board is currently reviewing the roadmap for holding fair, transparent and democratic elections and nominations.
  •  The Board affirms that the nomination process will be fully transparent, inclusive and participatory. Every ODM member who wishes to run for any post will have the freedom to stand and every voter will have the right to vote for the candidate he/she wishes to nominate and elect.
  • The Board also wishes to inform all aspirants that it shall be appointing new coordinators and set up Election Supervisory Panels in all the 47 counties to supervise the party primaries and would like to further assure that the individuals appointed shall be people of integrity who shall ensure a free and fair exercise.
  • The Board is also reviewing all the pending cases and matters that the former Board was handling with a determination to resolve them immediately including harmonization and the holding of elections in the 80 new constituencies.
  •  The Board urges all ODM members, prospective candidates voters and the public at large to read and understand all the rules, laws, regulations and code of conduct that govern the election process in order to fully adhere to them. This is the only way to ensure that we hold fair, peaceful and transparent elections.
  •  And pursuant to the provisions of our Party Election and Nomination rules, the Board hereby gives notice to all ODM officials holding positions in the Party Organs, at all levels and who are interested in vying for positions in the coming general elections to ensure they hand in their written resignation one month, before the nomination date.
  •  The Board hereby gives further notice that it shall announce the date for Party primaries as soon as they receive the necessary resolution from the Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC).
  •  Finally, NEB assures candidates that there SHALL be no DIRECT NOMINATIONS. The playing ground will be even and non-compromised.

Thank You.



Orange Democratic Movement,
ODM Orange House Kilimani

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  1. Thank you.

    As a member of the public, can the ODM elections board provide us (the public) with the criteria for nomination and or contestation of the nominees especially in light of chapter six of The Kenyan constitution?

    How will the ODM nominations board ensure that all nominees pass the "integrity" mark and what can party members/members of the public ensure that those they vote for can stand the integrity test?