Friday, 21 September 2012

Statement by Raila Secretariat on TNA’s Sinister Violent Schemes

  1. This Secretariat would like to call the attention of peace loving Kenyans to sinister motives by the National Alliance (TNA) party to foment and execute political violence and blame it on our Presidential Candidate’s followers.
  2. We especially want to caution Kenyans not to be drawn into TNA instigated violence during a football match between AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia FC in Nairobi, tomorrow Saturday 22 September.
  3. In the recent past, the leadership of TNA has bent backwards over to sponsor and plant into the Kenyan national psyche the engineered perception of ODM as a “violent fraternity.” The architects of this ploy are a very senior member of the party, a Member of Parliament representing a Nairobi Constituency and a New Ford Kenya member of UDF.
  4. Part of this scheme has manifested in the hiring of performers, who pretended to be harassing one Miguna Miguna on the occasion of “publicizing” his book in various towns in Kenya. A few moments after the so-called “goons” had affected to bully Miguna, they would be seen on TV cameras buoyantly swaggering away with Miguna, celebrating their performance, in the full glare of the Kenya Police.
  5. It is instructive that the script was planned to give Miguna a heroic welcome in TNA strongholds, “to show how democratic” and “peace loving” TNA supporters are.
  6. In the just concluded by-elections, there were TNA sponsored violent dramas in ODM strongholds. TNA has since been eloquently broadcasting falsehoods about these sponsored dramas of violence, especially in TNA owned media.
  7. A ploy in the offing is to disrupt a football match between AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia Football Clubs this weekend. The stage has is fully set for TNA funded violence. This sinister plan seeks not only to cast a section of the ODM supporters as violent, but also to drive a wedge between two language communities from the Lake Basin.
  8. We wish to caution peace loving Kenyans and especially those who will turn out to watch the match between AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia in Nairobi tomorrow not to fall for TNA’s violent tricks. We appeal to them to support their teams and to enjoy the match to hilt, knowing very well that someone wants to use this match to achieve wicked political goals.
  9. At the same time, we wish to appeal to TNA’s leadership to drop their desperate and dangerous line of violent political mobilization. We wish to remind them that the country has not yet recovered from the aftermath of political violence of 2007 – 2008.
We urge TNA leaders to change to a peace agenda.

Barrack Muluka
Raila Odinga Presidential Campaign Secretariat

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