Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Miguna Finally Resigns As ODM Life Member

On Saturday 1st Sept 2012, one Miguna Gowok circulated an email and an attachment to media editors and his bossom friend Onyango Oloo, supposedly resigning from the Orange Democratic Movement Party. Here is a the full text of the resignation:

Prof. Peter Anyang' Nyong'o
Secretary General

Dear Prof Nyong'o,
By letter attached herewith dated today's date, please be advised that I have resigned from the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

The letter will be delivered to you tomorrow by separate cover.

Thank you.


Miguna Miguna
Advocate. Barrister. Solicitor. ADR Consultant
P.O. Box 1522-00621
http://www.migunami guna.com/
Since formation in 2007, the ODM has been the most popular political party in Kenya. It party ticket for any elective post is, more often than not, a fiercely contested affair - a pointer to the popularity of the party.

Give the devil its due. Mr. Miguna Gowok is ahead of William Ruto and Musalia Mudavadi with respect to laws of the land. Miguna is far much more courageous than the two presidential candidates who no longer subsicribe to the ideals of the party but have been unable to resign from the party.

While anyone is free to seek political party membership elsewhere, steadfast members of ODM will breath a sigh of relief and some will even mumble 'good riddance' to the departure of the man who has all but been a member of the party.

In 2007, Miguna sought the ODM nomination for the Nyando parliamentary seat but he was rejected by the people. After that, Miguna was headhunted by Mr. Raila Odinga, the party's nominated presidential candidate, to work at one of his presidential secretariats in campaigning for the presidency. This essentially meant Miguna was a personal employee of Mr. Odinga and not necessarily an adherent of ODM.

Following the formation of the grand coalition in 2008, Mr. Miguna Gowok, was again selected by Mr. Odinga then serving as Prime Minister of Kenya, to work as his advisor in coaltion affairs. Again, this is an arrangement that had absolutely nothing to do with the ODM.

His subsecquent suspension and summary dismissal from his position as PM's advisor was done without the involvement of the ODM.

The ODM continues to recruit hundreds of Kenyans into its membership register and more and more people are expressing interest seeking to be nominated as candidates for the various elective positions in the forthcoming general elections.

In so doing, the ODM remains a front runner to not just form the next government, but also win a majority of seats in parliament and the senate.

Good luck to Mr. Miguna Gowok.

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