Wednesday, 29 August 2012

NCCK: Muslim Attacks on Kenyan Churches Atrocious and Unwarranted

The National Council of Churches of Kenya strongly condemns the atrocious and unwarranted attacks on five churches and our own office at Mombasa today during which innocent worshipers were injured. Vandalism and looting by demonstrators resulted in extensive damage and immense loss of property at the Jesus Celebration Center Buxton, NCCK Office, PAG Church Ziwani, Mombasa Pentecostal Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church Ziwani and Salvation Army Church Majengo. 

We have completely failed to understand the logic that made the demonstrators associate the heinous murder of Aboud Rogo with the churches and other properties belonging to innocent Kenyans. The clear message is that these attacks are indicative of a deep seated hatred towards the churches whose cause is inexplicable.

In addition, NCCK has been very perturbed that in the recent days, scores of Kenyans in Tana River, Mandera, Wajir and now Mombasa have lost their lives in the hands of politically motivated criminals. It is only after the events that the presence of security personnel is witnessed. We are concerned that the skirmishes and the lawlessness that is building up is a prelude to greater violence nearer the elections as has happened in the past. What we cannot fathom is how a government that is charged with the responsibility of protecting its citizens perpetually plays catch up with the criminals and is clearly unable to protect its own people.

We state here that the killers of Aboud Rogo as well as the instigators of violence against the churches, as well as those behind the clashes in Tana River, Mandera and Wajir must be brought to book. This calls for speedy investigations and decisive action by the security agencies. Failure to do this will be terror against justice.

We further call upon the leaders of the Muslim community to condemn the attacks and restrain their followers.

As Kenyans, we must not allow ourselves to sink into sectarian violence.

Signed on this 27th day of August 2012 at Nairobi.

Rev. Canon Peter Karanja

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